Since its inception in 2002 as a small choreography company assisting local cheerleading and dance teams, StyleShock has quickly become recognized in the spirit industry as a leader in the Northwest.  Our award-winning choreography became recognized among school, all-star and collegiate programs within our first year of business, allowing us the opportunity to expand StyleShock’s services to cheerleaders and dancers all over the region.  Today, StyleShock offers competition and performance choreography, skills workshops, music and video editing, critique sessions and more to programs all over the nation, and on the international scene as well.

As the years progressed, StyleShock’s visibility on the spirit forefront quickly raised curiosity within the community about the possibility of expanding our services to include competitive teams.  In 2005, after much demand, StyleShock began its first performance team for adult cheerleaders in the Open Level 6 All-Girl division.  This inaugural team competed at the 2006 USA Collegiate Nationals, placing in the top 4 among other well-established teams from around the nation.  StyleShock continued this team for the 2006-2007 season, then expanded to offer an Open Level 6 Co-Ed team in 2007.

The rise in the popularity of all-star cheerleading finally provoked long-time friends and co-owners Brian Cao and Ryan Long to open a facility offering training for athletes of all ages and abilities.  In late 2007, StyleShock Cheer & Dance was born at 11131 SW Greenburg Road in Tigard, Oregon.  Starting out as an instructional gym for local athletes to gain skills and confidence, StyleShock quickly gained momentum and notoriety.  In the Spring of 2008, StyleShock began its first teams for younger athletes.  With a collective enrollment of 51, Teams Sparkz, Power and Fusion were born.  All the teams went on to have a very successful first season, bringing several local and regional titles, and the program’s first-ever National Championships – 2 that season in fact!

In addition to the school-aged and adult teams, StyleShock was proud to be the first program in the Northwest to provide an established team for athletes experiencing special needs.  Team Shine, as they were named to highlight their ability to illuminate any room in which they enter, has continued to bring a great deal of joy and hope to the spirit community in Oregon and beyond.  Not to be outmatched by their StyleShock sister teams, Shine has also competed on the national level several times, bringing home numerous titles in the Special Athletes division.

After two competitive seasons in Tigard, StyleShock found a new home at 7228 SW Durham Road, Suite 100 in Portland, where we have now operated for the last four years.  The new 15,000 square foot facility has afforded us the great opportunity to offer a myriad of services to athletes from all over the state and beyond.

It has been an amazing adventure so far, with our program experiencing a great deal of success, including multiple regional and national titles, an International Grand Championship from Sea-To-Sky, a 2015 Summit Bid, two 2016 D2 Summit Finalists (finishing 6th and 9th), and two NCA National Championships!  We look forward to continuing our tradition of success, and of producing wonderful teams that are comprised of amazing athletes, both in talent and as people.

Come check out the facility today and see why more and more families are choosing StyleShock All-Star Cheer!